Perspective (An Ode to Carolina Cano)


I cannot put into words what I am feeling right now.  Anger, confusion, frustration, incredible sadness.  An intense, deep level of hurt.  To have had such a difficult and trying week, and then to find out about what happened this past Sunday in Lincoln Park is just an absolute gut punch.  This is my park – the park that I have run in for the past three years.  I found myself in this park.  Over countless miles.  This park is my home.

We never really met.  Or maybe we have and just didn’t know it.  But I feel like I know you.  You are a part of me.  A part that will forever be tinged in melancholy.

I am going to run the Pittsburgh Marathon in your honor.  And for all of those who are the victims of senseless violence and abuse.  The helpless, the powerless.

I wish I could do more.  I want to be more.


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    • Julie, this is so deeply upsetting that someone who lives in my neighborhood would do this to another human. I’ve been gravitating towards trail running recently anyway, and this might be my final push. I’d rather risk running into a bear or another animal. At least with an animal encounter, there are certain steps to take to ensure safety. Animals generally want to stay out of your way; humans are much more unpredictable.


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